Friday, February 3, 2012

Releases are to be suspended for the time being

NyaaTorrents, the torrent tracker we use, has shut down the tracker portion of the web site, effectively turning it into a listing service only.

As we only do releases via BitTorrent, this means we will need to locate a new tracker, migrate all the torrents to the new tracker, and have the torrents seeded.  Until this is done, releases will be suspended.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that we can get this situation resolved as quickly as possible.

EDIT: I'm in the process of migrating our torrents to another tracker.  Releases should resume in a day or two.


  1. i simply hope that Nyaa will get back on, and that megaupload case won't lead to other similar closures...

    ACTA beep beep beep... and indirectly manipulates people actions!

    Crossing fingers for you guys, hugs&cheers

  2. chatspike is down .. what's up with your server too !!

  3. Grrr......

    I also hope Nyaa comes back. I'm hoping they're being cautious, and want to "fly under the radar" for a bit. In the meantime, what about TPB? I know they're high profile, but so far they've managed to survive whatever the entertainment industry has thrown at them. They've just moved domains, and are having a few teething problems with that, but should be fully functional shortly. Demonoid is still fully functional as well, but that one isn't so good if you aren't a member as you only get access to the newer torrents.

  4. I figured that there was something wrong with NyaaTorrents when I started having trouble with another torrent that I started four hours ago (!!!); anyway, Doll Licca, gratitude for letting me know that I am not the only one in this boat.

    I am really not liking what kind of world this is becoming . . .

  5. Another possibility for a slightly less well known torrent tracker could be

  6. Some info here:

  7. The big thing is that without a good dedicated tracker, doing anything involving BitTorrent is usually a crapshoot (I've historically have never gotten DHT or magnet links to work properly, although other people have).

  8. Had a read of the link. Sounds similar to what TPB did some while back. They no longer have their own tracker either, and have relied on public trackers for awhile now. They've kept going this way, and hopefully Nyaa will too.