Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Little Women II - Jo's Boys Episode 20 released!

This episode is one of my personal favorites.  This one is not in the novel, but it is one of the episodes that talks about what the children at Plumfield want to do when they grow up.  Considering that Louisa May Alcott was rather progressive on her views of what women are capable of doing at that time (namely the late 19th century), it is no surprise that this episode (and the two or three episodes in the last 10 episodes of the series) shows Nan doing things that no one would have expected her to do, even for that era.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime torrent indexing sites.

This marks the half-way point for Little Women II - Jo's Boys.  Here's what's coming up for the next 10 episodes:

1.  For those of you who missed Dan, he'll be back soon.  In fact, one of the more famous parts of the novel involving Dan and the stolen money is about to come up really soon.

2.  There are already allusions to how much Daisy and Nat care for each other.  We'll see the culmination of that in episode 30.

3.  We're also about to come up to a part where we see how progressive thinking is taught by the Bhaers, in particular about woman's rights.

4.  Nan finally decides for sure what she wants to do when she grows up.

We hope that you will continue enjoying the series.  This series has been a joy to work on.


  1. many thanks... daisy is my fave character in this series.. :D

  2. Women's rights and Tommy again being adorable as hnnnngh true this is a good episode.

  3. After so many years I still love this series *_* My fav character is and will always be Nan *g*.

    There is a wonderful artbook to this series with staff interview, pictures of Concord, background info and artwork. Well, I can't read Japanese so I just enjoyed the pics and sketches ^^;

  4. Thank you for the release! I love this series.

  5. thank you soooo much! all your efforts are well appreciated :)