Monday, December 5, 2011

December scheduling

On a more short term note, we do have some Porphy episodes just about ready to go, which will be released tonight.

As this is December, we will be ramping down our operations for the Christmas holidays.  As currently planned, we will probably go on hiatus starting December 21st, and will resume operations on January 2nd.  However, these dates may shift depending on how the schedule of my staff members pans out within the next couple of weeks.

We will try to have at least a couple more episodes of My Annette out before the hiatus (Episode 4 is about to go into encoding; I need to check it first).  My translator for Little Women II - Jo's Boys has given me the script for episode 17, and that should be out fairly soon as well.  I will check with the Wasurenai QC folks on the status of episode 10 of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure, which happens to be one of my very favorites in the series.  Porphy's Long Journey we can probably get close to the 1/4 mark, which I admit is not the best place to leave people in suspense.

In conclusion, this month will be fairly light in terms of releases. 


  1. we all do party this month so no worries ;)

  2. It's not really a matter of partying per se; to me, the holidays represent family time. Family should come before fansubbing under any circumstances anyway.

  3. Well said, Licca! Holidays are all about family.

    I have been wanting to ask something, but I did not want to sound ungrateful or bitchy in any way...

    Little Women is my favorite of the series you are working on right now, and I was wondering why it gets released a lot slower than the other series... :-(

    My sincere thanks for all your hard work-HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  4. The translator for Little Women II - Jo's Boys works on a different schedule than I do when it comes to translating. Due to his schedule, he typically is only able to put out an episode a week.

    Recently, he has been really busy with other real-life obligations, so he hasn't been able to work on translating it until recently.