Thursday, February 14, 2013

Little Women II - Jo's Boys Episode 31 released!

For an hour the old willow sighed and sung to itself, talked with the brook, and watched the lengthening shadows as the sun went down. The first rosy color was touching its graceful branches when a boy came stealing up the avenue, across the lawn, and, spying Billy by the brook-side, went to him, saying, in a mysterious tone,  "Go and tell Mr. Bhaer I want to see him down here, please. Don't let any one hear."

Billy nodded and ran off, while the boy swung himself up into the tree, and sat there looking anxious, yet evidently feeling the charm of the place and hour. In five minutes, Mr. Bhaer appeared, and, stepping up on the fence, leaned into the nest, saying, kindly, "I am glad to see you, Jack; but why not come in and meet us all at once?"

"I wanted to see you first, please, sir. Uncle made me come back. I know I don't deserve any thing, but I hope the fellows won't be hard upon me."

 - Little Men, Chapter 15

In this episode, Jack returns to Plumfield.  Professor Bhaer uses this opportunity to teach the children a lesson about forgiveness.


  1. Back on track! Thank you once again.

  2. Thanks a lot for resuming Jo's Boys releases!

  3. Gracias estuve esperando este capitulo

  4. Thanks for the new episode. I was a little concerned about the progress ^^; I love this series =^_^=