Sunday, June 17, 2012

Watching Les Miserables on stage

Several months ago, I put up a blog post asking about seating for watching Les Miserables on stage.  I finally got to see it a couple of weeks ago.

I ended up getting orchestra level seats for the show, and I felt it was well worth the cost.  The entire experience was so wonderful, it was almost surreal, and almost indescribable by words.  It was so enjoyable that I'll probably buy tickets the next time the show comes into town.

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on what seats to get.  It made my first experience with watching Les Miserables on stage a wonderful one.

In other news, Porphy episodes 45 and 46 are about to go through pre-encode checks, and I'm translating Porphy 47 right now.  Little Women II episode 25 is at timing, and we'll have a couple of Perrine episodes ready for encoding soon as well.


  1. Congrats on your play experience!

    Do you believe that Prophy will be finished by September? I really wanna watch it when I go abroad and since I'm not really sure if I can get on-line while traveling I want to make sure I have all the episodes on my laptop.

    1. I think so, provided we don't have an unexpected setback. I'm estimating probably first or second week of July when we finish with Porphy.

      We're trying to get it done before July so we would have a chance at doing a series for the Summer 2012 season, but it appears that we won't quite make it, but we'll definitely have it done sometime in July.

  2. You lucky person you
    I'm glad that you enjoyed it (and somewhat relieved that you aren't hikkikomori). Les Miserables also happens to be my personal favourite - but it doesn't come around often where I live, so I have yet to see it live. I have, however, seen the 25th anniversary production, and it was... well, I liked it. If you haven't already, then you may want to give it a go.
    En plus, I appreciate all your work: a Little Women II man/fan myself - I remember watching the Korean dub version as a youngster, back in the 90's when it was first televised - and I still appreciate the morals from this and other WMT stories. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy doing this as much as I (and many others) enjoy your translation projects.