Friday, December 31, 2010

The "unannounced secret project"

If you look at our project list, we have an "unannounced secret project". 

What I can tell you is that will be announced sometime in January, and will constitute the other main project that we have selected from the list of potential projects that we disseminated earlier.

For the projects that aren't chosen, we have another plan for them that we will reveal later.


  1. Yay! it's gonna be announced! I can't wait to see what it is!

  2. Great! these classics are great.. from your releases I think you like to work on shoujo/drama.. it would be great if you worked on a shounen too (I'm just being selfish, I know) especially since there is another group which are doing classical shounen, but not with your (awesome) speed.. you could do a joint with them..

    never mind.. as long as you release a classic that all of us loved when we were young, I'm happy

  3. The other thing you need to consider is that the number of groups doing classical shounen anime outnumbers the number of groups doing classical shoujo anime rather substantially. There's a big pile of groups only doing classic mecha series; that seems to be a big thing these days.

  4. I don't mind shoujo at all, actually, I really enjoy it, but what I loved in that era was mostly shounen.
    you seem to have a very brilliant and active translator, and because most groups lack in area, I suggested a joint..

    I look forward your next project :D

  5. Another WMT classic series PLEASE.... DO THEM ALL.... Hahah... Thanks in advance. You are AWESOME :)

  6. Thanks again for your wonderful work Licca Fansubs! I agree that there's multiple group that already cover shonen classic and that the old school shoujo deserve more exposure, witch your Magnificient group provide in great way! I can say that your in way the Technogirl (THE shoujo fansub group of the VHS age that brougt classic like Oniisama e) of year 2010!

    I would love to see another WMT masterpiece sub! If it's the list it's must be Dogs of flanders witch is a true classic. But I would be even more delighted if this project would be an old school non magical-girl shoujo like Aim for the Ace 2 and Aim for the Ace Final Stage, Night Song of Splendor, Blue Green Year or the migty Haikara San Ga Toru, one of the most underated gem of the 70's. A true fansub version of Candy Candy would be great also.

    On the shonen side the only project non Mecha/Sport/Fight/Silly Comedy/ that comes to my mind probably Miyuki anime based on the manga of the timeless Mitsuru Adachi.

    Aniway I can wait to see what this new project will be and I'm sure it will be highly appreciate by every fan of old school anime!

    Thanks again for your wonderful work!


  7. There is actually quite a few WMT series that we won't be able to do due to licensing issues here in the United States and Canada. (Several WMT series are available dubbed here in the United States.)

    I do admit, trying to do every single WMT series (the ones that aren't subbed, at least) is a rather tall task... but at the very least, we will have taken a pretty decent bite.

    As for non-WMT series... I know that we will not be able to get to all of them. It would be nice if there is a way to make those series more attractive to the current fansubbing groups out there, so they would be willing to devote time and effort to these series.

  8. @Anonymous: Now now. No need to bombard Licca Subs with that many projects at once. They don't have a big load of staff. Let's give them space so they can finish their current projects first. We don't want to pressure them more, do we?

    And...if memory serves me right, there are only 3 WMT anime that have been dubbed (Tom Sawyer, Little Women, and Swiss Family Robinson). But since it's been so long since they were dubbed, wouldn't the licensing copyright have expired by now? Plus, Anime News Network doesn't really list those three titles as licensed. Also, Swiss Family Robinson is actually listed on AnimeSuki too. Just felt like pointing those out in case anyone's curious.

  9. Actually, Little Women and Swiss Family Robinson are still licensed, I know because I can watch them on Smile of A Child network.

    Is there a place to find this list you mentioned?