Saturday, October 16, 2010

Super Doll Licca-chan Episode 40 released

Misty almost got Catherine this time around.

You can obtain this episode from your standard anime indexing sites.

We would like to thank Júlio César N. Braga for getting us a scan of the official lyrics.


  1. I dont understand, Catherine is Yae's daughter?
    1. Yae's hair is blue when was young.
    2. Catherine's hair is blue too.
    So, Licca and Catherine are press?

  2. Isn't episode 41 already out?

  3. Yeah. I finished encoding 41, but passed out pretty soon after that.

  4. i thought catherine was from franz's side of the family.

    will you be subbing the super doll licca movie?

  5. I don't think so. She basically made a mention that she was part of the guard. I believe that when people talk about the royal family, it includes the actual queen/king/princess, plus anyone who is asked to protect them, which Catherine is tasked to do.

    For this reason, if you recall, Doll Isamu refuses to kill Doll Licca and Doll Izumi, which caused him to rebel against Yae when she had the Calling Watch.

  6. We would love to do the movie, but we do not have a raw for the movie.

    I figured that if people want us to do the movie, someone will give us a copy of the raw.

  7. in the manga, catherine was licca's cousin (which side, i don't know). i just don't know if this also applies in the anime.

    suddenly, i remembered kele-michelle. she was an avid super doll licca fan whom i met in a licca fansite and yahoo group from way back when. she had a complete copy of the raws including the movie. i just don't know where she is now. we lost contact for several years now.